Neuramis with Lidocaine

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Neuramis Volume Lidocaine

Neuramis Volume Lidocaine emerges as a cutting-edge dermal filler, meticulously crafted with stabilized, pure hyaluronic acid sourced from non-animal origins. Engineered for seamless biological compatibility, this avant-garde formulation assures users of zero allergic reactions or irritations. By ingeniously integrating hyaluronic acid with lidocaine and employing premium Japanese raw materials alongside pioneering SHAPE technology, Neuramis Volume Lidocaine epitomizes purity and efficacy.

Here are the distinctive features and benefits that set Neuramis apart:

Supreme Safety – Animal-Free Assurance: Self-sustained, high-grade HA production from non-animal bio fermentation, obviating the need for a preliminary skin test and mitigating concerns related to animal-borne diseases. Surpasses the stringent quality benchmark. Undergoes two-fold sterilization, including aseptic filling and terminal sterilization, ensuring unparalleled safety standards.

Advanced Cross-linked Hyaluronic Acid Technique: Harnesses HCCL technology to achieve peak viscoelasticity, preventing tissue migration post-application. Recognized with CE certificates, GMP, ISO 9001, ISO 13485, and US FDA site validation, attesting to its superior quality and compliance.

Extended Impact: Boasts superior 3D structure retention through unique dissolution, delivering sustained effects for up to a year. Offers genuine skin revival appearance and enhanced gel resilience for enduring aesthetic appeal. Lidocaine inclusion ensures a pain-free application experience, further enhancing patient comfort. Maintains residual BDDE levels below 0.4 ppm, ensuring utmost safety. Facilitates even gel assimilation within the skin, promoting seamless integration and natural-looking results. Exhibits superior biocompatibility, minimizing the risk of side effects. Clinically validated for both safety and effectiveness, providing users with peace of mind.

Skin Deep and Skin Friendly: Tailored for addressing pronounced folds, this filler is ideally suited for injections into the deep dermis and superficial subcutaneous layers. Perfect for correcting deep creases, augmenting lip volume, and refining facial contours such as cheeks and chin.

In essence, Neuramis Volume Lidocaine represents a pinnacle of innovation in the realm of dermal fillers, offering unparalleled safety, efficacy, and longevity to users seeking comprehensive facial rejuvenation and enhancement.


Neuramis Lidocaine 

Neuramis Lidocaine stands at the forefront of innovation in the realm of HA-based dermal fillers, meticulously crafted to address a spectrum of skin imperfections with precision. Tailored for correcting folds and wrinkles across both superficial and deep dermal layers, Neuramis Lidocaine has earned its reputation as one of the most trusted and sought-after fillers in the market. This advanced formulation not only restores the skin's hydro balance but does so with unmatched efficacy, providing natural-looking results with remarkable even distribution.

Exclusive SHAPE Technology: Leveraging the patented SHAPE Technology developed by Medytox, Neuramis Lidocaine undergoes a meticulous manufacturing process, resulting in a uniquely purified implant gel. This innovative approach enhances the filler's resistance to biodegradation within the body, ensuring prolonged effectiveness and safety.

Comprehensive Application: With its versatility, Neuramis Lidocaine is the go-to choice for hassle-free lip enhancement and effective correction of shallow lines and wrinkles. Its exceptional properties of cohesion and skin integration guarantee a longer duration of effect, offering deep and lasting hydration to the skin.

Benefits and Applications: Neuramis Lidocaine delivers natural-looking results, deeply hydrating the skin and providing painless procedures even in sensitive areas, courtesy of lidocaine inclusion. With minimal residual BDDE content and clinically proven efficacy and safety, Neuramis Lidocaine is recommended for contouring, augmentation, and volumizing aging skin, particularly in thin and sensitive areas. 

Scope of Use: Neuramis Lidocaine finds application in various cosmetic procedures, including contour plastics for correcting uneven skin areas and facial features. It effectively addresses superficial and medium wrinkles, nasolabial folds, and asymmetry of the lips, while also being ideal for lip augmentation, forehead lines, and glabellar frown lines.


Neuramis Deep with Lidocaine

Neuramis Deep with Lidocaine stands as a pinnacle of excellence in the realm of dermal fillers, meticulously formulated with top-tier raw materials and state-of-the-art SHAPE technology to deliver unparalleled purity and efficacy. Its even dispersion within the epidermis epitomizes beauty in its most authentic form.

Uncompromising Safety Standards: Committed to safety, Neuramis Deep Lidocaine is 100% free from animal origins, sourced from ultra-pure HA raw material bio fermented from non-animal sources. With no preliminary skin test required and zero risk of animal-borne disease transmission, it exceeds the stringent quality benchmarks set by regulatory authorities.

Advanced Cross-Linked HA Methodology: Leveraging HCCL technology, Neuramis Deep Lidocaine achieves ideal viscoelasticity, preventing tissue migration post-application. Accredited with CE certificates, GMP, ISO 9001, ISO 13485, and US FDA on-site verification, it ensures superior safety and efficacy. Extended Efficacy: Neuramis Deep Lidocaine offers prolonged efficacy with superior 3D structural retention, delivering up to a 12-month effect post-injection. Its immediate aesthetic enhancement, minimal adverse effects, and lidocaine-infused formulation ensure a pain-free and seamless experience.

Versatile Applications: From balanced forehead augmentation to instant removal of medium folds and wrinkles, Neuramis Deep Lidocaine offers a comprehensive solution for various facial enhancements. It facilitates pain-free lip contouring, durable chin enhancement, and safe augmentation of cheekbones, catering to diverse aesthetic needs.

Lidocaine-Infused Comfort: Each box of Neuramis Deep Lidocaine contains a potent blend of HA with a concentration of 20mg/mL and 3% lidocaine, ensuring optimal pain reduction during injection procedures. The presence of lidocaine enhances patient comfort without compromising the filler's anti-wrinkle properties or performance 


Measurements per Box: 

1 X 1 mL/ 2x(27G 1/2"): Black Box 

1 X 1 mL/ 2x(27G 1/2"): Gold Box 

1 X 1 mL/ 2x(30G 1/2"): Silver Box

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