Dr. CPU beauty & beauty HydroFacial Highly Concentrated Serums

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Dr. CPU beauty & beauty HydroFacial Serums [Used by Professionals Only] (3x30ml)

Super AS1 Revitalize Scrub Moisturize 30ml 

The primary components of Super AS1 include lactic acid, renowned for boosting collagen production. It gently eliminates impurities and dead skin cells, leaving the skin refreshed without any irritation. A blend of botanical extracts complements this formula, reducing the likelihood of skin sensitivity.

Super SA2 Oil Control Scrub Moisturize 30ml

Super SA2 features salicylic acid as its key ingredient. Its potent action effectively cleanses oily skin, thwarting acne formation. Natural moisturizers are infused to calm and hydrate the skin, ensuring a balanced complexion.

Super AO3 Vitamin-C Infusion Moisturize 30ml 

Super AO3 boasts a glycerin base infused with soy, green tea, and cypress extracts. These components penetrate deeply, revitalizing damaged skin cells and bolstering skin resilience. They work to hydrate, enhance skin regeneration, fortify immunity, and curb melanin production. 

Dr.CPU 30ml Concentrated Solutions are formulated for Dermabrasion and Hydra Facial machines, delivering targeted skincare benefits.


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