Bio Cell Fluid Kits

Sale price$165.00
Color: SILVER: Brightening Fluid


Say hello to Korean Skincare!  Annyeonghaseyo! 

The Bio Cell Fluid kits founded in South Korea represent a comprehensive array of advanced skincare solutions meticulously designed to invigorate skin tissue using potent active ingredients. These innovative formulations facilitate profound absorption of deeply nourishing components, optimizing the efficacy of various professional skincare devices.

Among the recommended devices are Cryo Electroporation, Iontophoresis, Ultrasound, and Galvanic devices, each synergizing seamlessly with the Bio Cell Fluid Line to deliver unparalleled results. 

Notably, Cryo Electroporation has emerged as a frontrunner in the realm of skincare technology, swiftly garnering acclaim for its ability to produce rapid and visible improvements in skin condition.  


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